Due to changes in tax legislation from January 1, 2023, we have made important changes regarding payments to authors. More details in the section «Payment terms»

Quality standarts for uploaded content

All the vector files are checked for the next points:

  1. File format - EPS.
  2. File should be compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8 or 10.
  3. File must not contain raster objects.
  4. All the shapes must be closed, even if there is no fill.
  5. File must contain no brushes.
  6. File must contain no fonts.
  7. Maximum file size is 15 Mb.

Also you should add JPEG-file of the vector image, which reflects the contents of the file you want to add. Quality standarts of this JPEG:

  1. JPEG-file should be the same name as the vector image is.
  2. File must be without interpolation (illustration should not be upsized more than 5%).
  3. Minimum file size: 2500x1800 pixels (approximately 4.5 megapixels). If uploaded illustration are less than 4.5 megapixels, unfortunately we’ll have to reject it.
  4. Maximum file size: not more than 100 Mb.
  5. File format: please upload in JPEG format only with maximum quality and RGB color space (we recommend you to use sRGB IEC 61966 color profile).

Please, pay your attention at:

  • You must be an exclusive owner of all proprietary rights including copyrights in and to the images.
  • Please, make sure that submissions do NOT contain any copyrighted material such as: brands, logos, full size automobiles, private information (captions, license plates, phone numbers, numbers of credit cards, identification numbers, serial numbers, etc.).

Model releases

Model release – is a legal form, in which the model agrees that all rights in and to the content, including copyright, are and shall remain the sole property of the photographer, free and clear from any claims of the model.

Any image of an identifiable person must be accompanied by a model release. All model releases should be in identical or similar form: Adult (18 or over) Model Release.

Submissions depicting a minor (under 18) must be accompanied by a model release that was signed by that minor’s parent or legal guardian in identical or similar form: Minor (under 18) Model Release.

Every signed model release should be scanned and submitted digitally with the help of special forms at our site.

If the uploaded vector image is a self-portrait of yours, it should be accompanied by a model release signed by you both on behalf of the model and the photographer.

Model release must be also signed by a witness.

Subjects, topics, style.

We intentionally do not make any restrictions regarding subjects, topics, concepts and style of the imagery we need in our collection. Because on the first hand, we want you as artists and contributors to think independently, analize the market, make decisions and experiment.

We also do believe that it is impossible to teach an artist “to see” the microstock industry in a single text. It is being achieved through experience and studying. Even if we’d say that we need the imagery depicting the concept of “a business team in dynamic”, each of you would be uploading images quite different from our original idea, because each of you has your own visual realization of “a business team in action” and that’s nice!

And the most important thing – it is quite far from being evident that if your vision of “marketable imagery” differs from our’s, your files will not sell. Perhaps, everything will turn out in a completely opposite way.

Microstock – is a live, dynamic, changing market. That’s why we are waiting for your files, your ideas, your concepts and your personal unique style.