Metadata uploading

Section “Metadata” is created for automatic attaching metadata like Title, Keywords and Releases directly to your images.

How it works. Create table with 4 columns and upload here via “Browse” button. After clicking “Agree” button system attaches correct metadata from table to your works. Then you can see statistics about uploaded table.

Important! Metadata from uploaded table is going to be attached to “New” only!

Table structure:

  • Original filename (several filenames through comma)
  • Title of your work
  • Keywords for your work, use comma
  • Filenames of uploaded releases, use comma

Please do not make row with names of columns!
Use Semicolon as column divider.
Sample below.

We accept “CSV” format ONLY! The best way to create CSV-table is using Excel and saving it as CSV (MS-DOS) format.

“Filename” is key column. System searches file from “Filename” and attaches all metadata from current row.

CSV-table example:
DCG_0357.jpg;Girl portrait;girl, man, portrait, background, attractive;Model_release.jpg