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How to Attach Metadata to Content Guide

After you images are uploaded to your Personal Account, they appear in the Pending section where you can attach metadata (descriptive information) to them. This section is also accessible from the top menu (the Portfolio link). In case the uploaded works already have all the necessary metadata elements (filled-in IPTC Title and Keywords fields), all you need is to attach model releases and send you works to the PressFoto reviewers. If your images have no metadata (in this case they will be framed in red), you need to fill in the necessary fields by using the interface described below before sending them to a reviewer. With any of these fields left blank you work will not be queued for reviewing.

Stages of Metadata attachment

At PressFoto you need to complete 3 stages of metadata attachment before sending your images to a reviewer:
  • specify your image title;
  • fill in keywords;
  • attach model releases.


  • By clicking the image you need you enter the page where you can attach metadata.
  • You need to fill in the Title field which is to the right of the image, in English or in Russian. If an image has a corresponding IPTC field filled-in, its title will be displayed automatically.
  • While filling the Title field it is RECOMMENDED:
    • to choose word combinations containing of 3-7 words;
    • to compose titles in accordance with an “Object + main feature” principle (e.g. “Beautiful Girl with Flowers”, “A Mobile Phone Against White”, etc.)
    • to specify a location in case an image features a certain geographic area/city/town (e.g. “Everest View, the Himalayas, Nepal”, “The Kremlin of Novgorod, Veliky Novgorod”, etc.).


  • You need to fill-in the Keywords field with relevant and descriptive English or Russian keywords (tags) separated by commas (by clicking “Add” or pressing “Enter”).
  • The minimum amount of keywords is 10 (with less keywords your work will not be queued for reviewing), the maximum is 50.
  • While keywording it is RECOMMENDED:
    • use nouns in the singular (e.g. hand, finger, etc.) no matter how many objects are in your image;
    • use adjectives in the initial form (e.g. blue, round), use simple participles (e.g. sliding);
    • use bare infinitives (run, listen, etc.);
    • use numerals both in numbers and in words (“3” and “three”, or “trio”);
    • use synonyms to the max (schoolchild, pupil, learner…)
    • In case you image features a geographic area or is a panoramic photo, include a name and location in your keywords (Everest, Nepal, Moscow, (the) Volga, etc.).
  • For an easy series management of one-pack images there is a metadata control unit which helps to copy and edit (if necessary) metadata and attached model releases of the previously processed image to other works of the same pack. The “Clear All” button deletes metadata of the current image.

Model Releases

  • If your image contains recognizable people, you need to attach scanned model releases (a permission granted by a model for commercial use of his/her images) signed by those who are in shot. You can either attach model releases separately to each image while adding metadata or to all images of the same pack at once under the Pending tab.
  • To attach a model release it is necessary to click “Change Releases” and add/delete and attach model releases in the popped-up window. When copying metadata of an image, you copy the attached releases as well.

Upon completion it is necessary to click “Save”. In case you want to leave a comment for the PressFoto reviewers and editors, fill in the corresponding field.

After your work has been queued for reviewing, the PressFoto reviewers inspect its technical quality and send it to the editors who check relevancy of keywords and distribute images among categories. In the normal course of work your image appears in the “Online” section within 1-3 days depending on the current reviewing queue.

ATTENTION: Irrelevant keywords (with no relation to what’s in the uploaded image) attached repeatedly by a Contributor have a negative effect on the search results and, consequently, reduce the chance of this content to be sold.

Good luck with your work!