Due to changes in tax legislation from January 1, 2023, we have made important changes regarding payments to authors. More details in the section «Payment terms»

How to Edit Metadata Guide

An Author can edit the metadata of each work only once.
All changes are checked by the PressFoto reviewers in order to prevent keyword spamming. These changes are accepted (fully or partially) or rejected (rarely) in case the edited metadata has no relation to the content.

To submit a metadata editing ticket an Author needs to choose the “Online” tab at his/her Personal Account and then an image he/she wants to edit (there is a photo ID search available).
The photo being chosen, an Author can change its Title, Category (by unticking the previously chosen and ticking the new ones from the drop-down list). The maximum number of categories is two (choose the most relevant). An Author can also delete irrelevant keywords by clicking the “cross” and add new ones separating them by commas. Upon completion it is necessary to click “Add” or press “Enter” for the newly added keywords to appear in the general list.
When all the necessary metadata changes are made, an Author is to click “Submit Ticket”. A note saying “You ticket has been submitted” will appear under the photograph. Tickets are reviewed on a first-come basis which may take several days. When considered, a note “Ticked Approved” will appear (in case the changes have been accepted fully or partially as a reviewer may approve only some of them) or “Ticket Rejected” (in case the changes have been declined). The moment a ticket is approved the edited image metadata changes automatically.

If the service does not function or function incorrectly, please contact us via artists@pressfoto.ru. Don’t forget to specify your PressFoto username and the ID of the image you experience trouble with.